V- Delta der Venus
Die erotische Party von Frauen - nur für Frauen

V - Delta of Venus    

The erotic party of women only for women

How about a place where women can be lighthearted, free, dedicated, uninhibited, playful, curious, indecent and completely themselves? 

A party that is all about female pleasure only among women. Wouldn´t it be wonderful to finally satisfy his curiosity about other women's bodies? Be with other women who have exactly the same desire as you?

V - Delta of Venus is this place. In the especially cuddly boudoir of the Insomnia in Berlin, ladies can be found, no matter if bi or lesbian, no matter if experienced or completely inexperienced. We will laugh, play, massage, love, and be uninhibited. Fresh fruit and aphrodisiac cocktails are served, sextoys of all kinds are extensively tested, the film selection is indecent and yet quite ladylike. And then there's this Motorbunny; This exclusive sex machine from the USA has been specially purchased for V-Delta of Venus and promises the ride of your life.

After the party is before the party. After all the ladies had maximum fun, they can still visit the party in the main hall of the Insomnia, dance there, celebrate, meet with their partner (for whom they like to purchase a discounted partner ticket in advance) or now flirt with men. Everyone else can end the evening chilled and relaxed in the boudoir.